Bad Credit credit cards

With bad credit (score 549 and lower), Your credit card choices are limited. Most credit card companies won’t provide a credit line without a deposit and virtually all credit cards are going to charge monthly fees. Good News: if used responsibly, these cards might be the best start to establishing or rebuilding your credit.

UNITY® Visa Secured Credit Card
Rates Fees Credit Needed
Balance Transfers Intro APR APR Cash Adv. Rate Cash Adv. Fee Late Fee Annual Fee Bad Credit
9.95% for 6 months 17.99% (Fixed) N/A N/A N/A $39
UNITY® Visa Secured Credit Cardapply for UNITY® Visa Secured Credit Card
  • Unlike your Prepaid Card, UNITY Visa secured card can help you build your credit. Apply online in less than 5 minutes, and you could be approved today!
  • No Minimum Credit Score required; low fixed interest rate of 17.99%; Fully refundable FDIC security deposit* required at time of application; if you have a min of $250 to deposit immediately, you can start now!
  • No application fee or penalty rate
  • Monthly reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus
  • 24/7 online access to your account
  • *See the Cardholder Agreement for more details.
  • See additional UNITY® Visa Secured Credit Card details

It is not the worst of time to get a credit card that offers Bad Credit. It could be quite a good thing. You should have a bad credit card just in case you get in trouble with it later on. If you would be able to repay your loan in time it will be good for you.

Are there any credit cards out there that offer bad credit? No! There are no such credit cards out there.

Then why do people pay their dues on the basis of this? It is actually bad finance. So no need to open an account to keep yourself out of trouble.

There are other ways to get a credit card and you would be able to make an account on your own. You should know all the steps to do.

As you would get approved for a credit card your bad credit will reduce and you will get a sign up offer from that credit card. You can keep the cash and use it for other expenses. This is how it should be. But that is just the way it is.

If you are applying for a credit card on your own then you will only know about it once it has been approved. The truth is, if you are going to apply on your own then you should not worry about bad credit. You would be able to get your finance approved in time. It would be something you can do on your own.

So you should not worry too much if you have bad credit on your card. If you are having trouble then that is not your problem. But if you are unable to pay on time then you might be asked to pay extra money.

You should work to lower your payments on your account. You should pay at least as much as you can afford each month. The more you pay on your account the more you will have to put on to your other accounts. There is no need to put so much on to your other accounts because you can get your accounts settled when you are ready.

The question should be raised if bad credit cards are good. Some people say that they are only in the market for cheap cards. But what will they do with the money that they can get from the card?

They can transfer the money to their own cards to pay off their other debts. This is when the money from the card and the cash that they have been accumulating will just go to waste.

Now you should know all about bad credit cards. If you are looking to get a card with bad credit, then don’t hesitate to open an account yourself.